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Dolní Poohří

Krušné hory

České Švýcarsko

České středohoří

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The Ústí Region



We would like to invite you to visit the Region of Ústí, an area which is the gateway to the northwest of the Czech Republic.It is a region with two large life giving rivers – the majestic Elbe and the wild Ohře, a region of amazing sandstone towns and gates, wonderful volcanic uplands, mystical and naturally beautiful mountains, a region of castles, historic cities – a colourful and charming region. The region has a strategic location due to its location in Central Europe and its easy accessibility from Germany, Austria and Poland, as well as its convenient location to the Czech capital city Prague.







The MOST visited national park:

Bohemian Switzerland.A beautiful land of magnificent rock towns, romantic valleys, wild gorges, melancholic rivers, picturesque villages, deep forests, twisting roads, rock castles and caves. You may see all these wanders by passing through one of the world’s wonders – the Pravčická Gate. It is a beautiful and majestic rocky bridge sixteen metres high with an arch almost twenty-seven metres wide.




The LONGEST Czech river:

Flowing through the region, the country’slongest river is the Elbe. Porta Bohemica is a beautiful and splendidly symmetrical canyon-like valley, through which the river Elbe enters the hilly landscape of the Czech Central Highlands.




The MOST beautiful view:

A journey to Milešovka (837 m),considered to have one of the mostbeautiful views in the country, leadstourists into a land of extinct volcanoes.This is the picturesque Czech Central Highlands, located just a few miles northof Prague.


一旦达到米莱夫斯科山(837 米),就能享受国家最美丽的风景。此地通向死火山的地方。这种特别如花的风景位于布拉格北部。



The MOST modern motor racing circuit:

In the town of Most there is a special four-kilometre motor racing circuit. It is the most modern training and testing area for training of drivers in critical situations in Central Europe.Italso has a licence certificateofinternationalfederations and holds major automobile races.




The MOST mysterious village of the Ústí Region:

In PanenskýTýnec u Loun there is an uncompleted church. Due to an alleged zone of positive energy, the place has been attracting healers, psychotronicists as well as ordinary people for years. The building is imposing; it allegedly can induce a good mood and fill one with enthusiasm.





The LARGEST hop-growing museum:

Another interesting site is Žatec’sHop-Growing Museum, where you willfind the largest exhibition of its kindin Europe. Over 4,000 square metersvisitors can trace the development ofhop production from the early MiddleAges to the present.






The MOST leaning tower:

Since the end of the Second World War, when Ústínad Labem (the region’s largest city) was bombed, the Cathedralof the Assumption has had the wonkiesttower north of the Alps. The view of Ústínad Labem is enriched with the dominating sight - a tourist Chateau with the Větruše restaurant.






The LOWEST-situated Czech town:

Děčín is the lowest-situated town in the Czech Republic (135 metres above sea level). A dominant feature of the town is a large chateau with the stable, gloriette and salaterrena in the near Rose Garden. There is a high rock opposite the chateau, which many people climb, the only via ferrata (mountain climbing route) in the town centre in the Czech Republic.





The BEST known spas:

Teplice is one of the oldest spa towns in the CzechRepublic. In the 18th and 19th centuries Teplice was one of the top European places to be seen at. The town was called the Saloon of Europe or Little Paris.Mšené-lázně is another spatown, this time located near Roudnicenad Labem.






Děčínský Sněžník


Chmelařské muzeum



Zámek Ploskovice